By functioning in this industry as a Trader, we have ascertained a fulfillment of customers demand for Brass Components, Fasteners, Pins, Terminals, among others. We do the procurement of these products from quality focused, local vendors. These manufacturers are accredited by international standards for the quality they offer. And to reassure that we serve our customers the best quality of brass products, the obtained components and fittings are sincerely checked at our facility. Further, it is our sincere responsibility as a trader, to deliver the offerings within time to the doorsteps of the respected customers.

Our Team

Our association with a team of experts has undeniably earned us a number of achievements. As these experts take complete responsibility for the completion of whatever task we allocate to them. We are backed by an adroit work force, and this attribute of our team has ascertained complete professionalism and coordination within the facility. The experts of our company are hired on the basis of their industrial experience and qualifications, for which we make sure that the appropriately skilled individual is appointed to the respective role.

Our Vendors

Vendors are certainly one of the most important reason behind high functioning of any trading company. And by keeping ourselves related to a number of renowned vendors, we have signified our success and achievements in our business. These vendors have played a crucial role in enabling us to source a range of outclassing components and fittings. Ashish Brass Components Pvt. Ltd., is one of those well acknowledged ISO 9001:2008 companies from whom we procure our products. They are a manufacturer, exporter and supplier of a comprehensive variety of outclassing Brass Engineering Components. Stated below are the capabilities of our respected vendor:-
  • Raw Material They Utilize
    • Copper, Brass, Gun Metal, Bronze, Tellurium Copper, Stainless Steel and Mild Steel.
  • Machining Capabilities of Their Products
    • 50 microns is general tolerance
    • 10 microns is specific tolerance
  • Machining Operations
    • The offered products can be utilized for Turning, Milling, Broaching, Drilling, Tapping, Forging, Grinding, Sub Assembly and Stamping
  • Surface Treatment Of The Brass Products
    • They use Nickel, Tin, Chromium and Silver
  • Majority of Components They Produce
    • Terminals, Inserts, Lock Components, Fasteners, Screws, Neutral Links, Micro Turned Components, Pins, and also products can be customized as per the customers requirement.